How would you like to have the experience of a ‘big 4’ partner at your boardroom table to help you develop your commercial strategy and formulate a tactical plan to help you achieve your objectives?

At Avior Consulting, our Managing Director is a former partner at one of the ‘big 4’ accounting firms and brings a significant amount of experience to help our clients achieve their objectives. As a partner in corporate restructuring and advisory, Dermott McVeigh is renowned for his ability to create aggressive yet achievable financial plans, which help clients reach their goals. We have designed a strategic workshop to specifically help our clients develop and execute their strategies. Avior Consulting’s workshop structure creates a ‘safe’ environment for management to challenge the status quo and draws out innovation through a series of structured tasks and discussions.

We prepare for the workshop by understanding our client’s current legal structure and commercial position. We also interview key management individually before the workshop so that we understand the views of key personnel and identify the potential barriers to successful execution. At the commencement of the workshop, we explain the current status and key issues in a way that brings all attendees to a similar level of understanding. This is the first step to getting everyone ‘pulling in the same direction'.

We examine the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation with a specific focus on the strengths of key management. This is where our independence and knowledge gained from the prior interviews with management enable us to identify what issues are not being articulated and guide the discussion so that the true picture of the organisation’s strengths emerges. Next we facilitate a brainstorming session, which identifies the array of opportunities facing the organisation. This is a high-energy session, which is designed to challenge all participants on their vision for the organisation.

In the next phase of the workshop, we help the participants match the organisation’s strengths to the opportunities that have been identified. It is through this process that the organisation’s optimal strategy naturally surfaces because individuals are empowered to play to their strengths. Opportunities are prioritised according to management’s ability to achieve them and the financial impact on the organisation. We use our bespoke financial model to understand the financial impact of each opportunity, including profit, cash and shareholder value.

With a core strategy now firmly in mind, participants need to consider what could go wrong.  What are the threats that the organisation could face and how can they be mitigated. It is only then that management should turn their attention to the tactical plan for execution of the chosen strategy. We create specific project plans for all attendees, which details their part in achieving the strategic goal and sets out the key milestones that they need to achieve and will be held accountable for. Having gained the buy-in of all attendees, this plan, which plays to everyone’s strengths, is ready to be launched.

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