Growing businesses need to have good handle on their financial future in order to navigate a wide variety of commercial issues and this calls for a robust financial plan, which is regularly reported against and updated.

Unfortunately, it is usually not ‘front of mind’ for owners and managers of growing businesses and regularly takes a back seat to the ever-pressing challenge of managing a rapidly expanding enterprise. The result is usually that forecasts are reactionary and are only prepared when needed for debt or equity submissions. The financial models then take their place in the business archive and when needed again, they are too out of date and effectively need to be rebuilt.

We help our clients:

  • Prepare financial forecasts that are simple enough to be used by people who are not experts in financial modeling whilst robust enough to appropriately reflect the business’ main drivers.
  • Communicate the forecasts to relevant stakeholders including financiers and equity investors.

Our forecast models include 7 core elements:

Avior Consulting ProfitabilityAvior Consulting Short and Long Term Cash FlowAvior consulting balance sheet

Avior consulting debt convenant compliance

Avior consulting equity return analysisAvior consulting reporting dashboardsAvior consulting sensitivity analysis

We design our bespoke forecast models to be easily understood and used on an ongoing basis.

At Avior Consulting, we take pride in helping our clients strengthen their relationships with their stakeholders.


We achieve this by working along side management to develop and present their financial forecasts and actual performance. By demonstrating a strong grasp on the forecasts and how the business is tracking, management engender trust and cooperation from debt and equity stakeholders alike.


With Avior Consulting at your side, you will be ahead of the curve when dealing with your important stakeholders.