At Avior Consulting, we have years of ‘big 4’ experience building all sorts of financial models for clients.  Our methodology is practical with heaps of excel modeling capability which results in models that are: 

  1. Well designed and laid out
  2. Easy to follow (even with basic excel skills)
  3. Fully functional with an excellent mix of excel functionality and commercial logic.

We have distilled our methodology and now provide modeling boot camps where a small group of attendees have the opportunity to develop their financial modeling capability to a new level. The financial modelling boot camp is specifically designed to suit accounting or finance professionals who would like to add this highly marketable skill to their repertoire. Financial modeling capability is becoming an expectation from employers and stakeholders and is an essential skill to be able to demonstrate a true grasp on the commercial outlook for any organisation.

In our financial modelling boot camp we focus on developing three core modeling skills:

First, we explore some of Excel’s key functionality that is common in good financial models.  This includes a variety of formulae for calculation and data manipulation and progresses to imbedded formulae in order to achieve specific modelling objectives.  We also explore the use of simple macros and excel add-ins, which give your model a professional polished look and feel.

Next we take a look at modelling methodology and structure, which is the most crucial aspect of designing and building quality financial models. Model structure and logic is the foundation and framework, which will make your model work.  We will teach you how to design robust models and also avoid the main pitfalls, which most amateur modelers fall into.

Finally, we take the learning from steps one and two and get started modelling. We will guide you step by step to build your own three way financial model with functional sensitivity analysis and dashboard outputs.  You’ll get to practice everything you have learned in stages one and two with an experienced professional there to help.

After completing the financial modelling boot camp you will have the following sources to help you successfully implement your new modelling skills:

  • Avior Consulting training booklet which covers all the excel functionality included in the boot camp
  • Electronic copy of your three way financial model and a copy of the staged control model which is used to help you at each stage of the model build
  • A copy of ‘Excel 2010 Inside Out’ - one of the most complete Excel guides available.

Boot camps are restricted to a maximum of 10 attendees and are held regularly in Perth.