Business owners and managers often consider the value of a corporate transaction. Whether that means growing the business through acquisition or divesting part or all of the business to realize value.

A major hurdle to developing these plans however is that small or medium sized businesses usually don’t have the corporate finance knowledge and experience to achieve a successful transaction.

The result is that most potential transactions don’t proceed and the ones that do create an enormous distraction for business owners from managing the core business.

We have a wealth of experience helping our clients create, manage and close corporate transactions. We manage every facet of the transaction from origination to settlement, which typically is a 12 step process for either asset acquisition or divestment outlined here.

Our fee structures are not restricted to hourly rates and depending on the circumstances we will consider a variety of structures including fixed fees, success fees and hourly rates.


12-steps-asset-divestment      12-steps-asset-aquisition